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You’ve come to the right place. This webpage is dedicated to providing answers to some of the most burning Fireplace questions you could think of.

What is the white film on my fireplace glass?

The white film on fireplace glass is usually just minerals left after combustion. A small amount is normal, and if your fireplace “fogs up” when first turned on, dripping water makes streaks more noticeable. Try setting your pilot to continuous pilot or “cold weather mode” to minimize this. Be aware that this substance can be mildly acidic and, if left on your fireplace, may permanently etch or mark it. We recommend booking an fireplace maintenance just after the end of heating season to minimize the amount of time this substance sits on your fireplace to minimize damage to the glass.

Another very common reason for a white film is, once the above mentioned substance etches the glass, the glass will have micro abrasions throughout it. This can cause a permanent white fog on the glass which cannot be repaired without replacing the glass entirely.

I changed the batteries in my remote, and now my thermostat is gone:

Certain remotes allow you to enter a programming mode by pushing certain buttons while putting the batteries in. This often leads to issues when folks are replacing the batteries, as they push down on the remote when putting the batteries in which mashes the buttons.

We have made a Youtube Video explaining how to reverse the process. If this is your remote, and your thermostat icon is missing, this video will help you fix it!

Will my gas fireplace work in a power outage?

The short answer is yes, most gas fireplaces will work in a power outage, but fans will not. Certain units require fans for safe operation, so they will not work in a power outage. These units are the exception though, and having a fireplace during a power outage is one of the best reasons to have a gas fireplace.

Newer units with an “electronic ignition” system work during a power outage by running off a battery backup. Older standing pilot light systems, powered by the pilot flame, do not need a battery backup. Most battery backups run on 4x AA batteries.

What is the best type of fireplace? Wood, gas, electric? A Heat pump?

This is a complicated question. Our website dedicates a significant portion to helping you understand the situations that might make one choice better than another. However, the answer ultimately depends on your specific needs and circumstances. To determine the best solution for you, we recommend discussing your situation with one of our experts. Bring some photos of your current setup and have an idea of what you want to achieve. We would be happy to discuss why certain solutions might be superior for your situation and provide personalized advice to help you make the best decision.

My fireplace makes a loud “POP” sound when it turns on / off. Should I be worried?

There are two main reasons a fireplace might make a loud noise, especially during the initial start up period. The first is if that loud noise is corresponding with the flame actually appearing. This is called a delayed ignition, and it needs to be addressed promptly. Basically, the gas builds up too much before it ignites, causing the fireplace to ignite more vigorously than it should. In most cases this is due to something as simple as a misplaced log, or simply needing annual service. However the best way to know for sure is to have an appropriately qualified expert attend the appliance and adjust it so it is operating safely.

The second most common reason for this, the sound will typically occur several minutes after it has been turned on or off. This is typically due to metal expansion, and is commonly referring to as “oil canning”. On some units this is normal behaviour and in most cases there is little a technician can do to resolve the issue.

Why should I have my fireplace serviced? It’s far too expensive just to have someone “clean the glass”!

Read our section on gas fireplace maintenance for full, in-depth explanation or to book a service and find the answer first hand.

However this question represents a legitimate concern, so it’s important for individuals to understand what tasks a service technician should be performing during a gas fireplace service. At Pacific Fireplaces, our service goes far beyond simple glass cleaning. Our fireplace experts use a combination of experience, technical skill, and specialty tools to inspect and assess the safe operation of your fireplace. They also perform the necessary maintenance to ensure your gas fireplace continues to operate safely.

In addition, we will typically touch up the glass & burner media leaving your fireplace looking its best and providing you with peace of mind knowing your gas appliances are safe. While we recommend a yearly service schedule, we are happy to accommodate clients who prefer alternate schedules.

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