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Gas Fireplaces – Service & Maintenance

The most common question we get about gas fireplace maintenance stems from a deep misunderstanding of proper care and safety. Many residents in Victoria are so accustomed to gas fireplaces that they often overlook a crucial fact: we are intentionally lighting a fire inside a home. While this may seem normal to some, it underscores the importance of prioritizing safety in our industry.

For landlords, did you know that BC law actually mandates gas appliances in rental suites be properly maintained by a certified individual? Additionally, there must be records showing that the maintenance has been performed.

“Is a service just cleaning the glass?”

We often hear about less comprehensive service practices, but this is not how we operate. At our company, we follow Technical Safety BC’s guidelines for proper servicing of gas fireplaces and all gas appliances. Many individual manufacturer’s also will have specific recommendations or requirements. Cleaning the glass is the most easily noticed result of any service, but we provide comprehensive maintenance that goes beyond just cleaning the glass. As a reputable gas contractor, anything less would be irresponsible. Unfortunately, the difference between a simple glass cleaning and a full comprehensive inspection isn’t always clear from a quote or when looking at a fireplace before & after. By reading this page however, you will understand the critical differences and why comprehensive service is essential.

Our clients rely on us to ensure their gas fireplaces operate safely and efficiently. Our service ensures you have peace of mind, knowing we have fully inspected your fireplace. When our technicians leave, you can rest assured that a knowledgeable, certified technician has carefully inspected your fireplace. The combination of personal expertise and top-of-the-line tools maximize our chance to detect any abnormalities with your fireplace. The life expectancy of a gas fireplace is typically 20-30 years. The best way to keep your fireplace heating well, running safely, and lasting for many years to come is through an annual safety inspection, maintenance, and cleaning. Pacific Fireplaces, Technical Safety BC, and all gas appliance manufacturers recommend annual maintenance on gas fireplaces for exactly this reason.

The Pacific Fireplaces Difference

At Pacific Fireplaces, we commit to providing top-notch service in installing, repairing, and maintaining gas fireplaces. We are proud to have highly skilled technicians who possess extensive knowledge of this specialty and use cutting-edge tools to maximize safety for gas work. Most importantly, they specialize in fireplaces.

Investing in our technicians as well as maintaining & properly calibrating the best tools is essential to ensuring the safety and proper functioning of our client’s fireplaces. While this level of service is not the norm in the industry, it is a small example of what sets Pacific Fireplaces apart.

Get ahead of the game and avoid the waitlist! Schedule your gas fireplace maintenance service in advance or take advantage of our off-season pricing incentives by booking your appointment from May to July. Remember, even if you’re not using your fireplace during the summer buildup on the inside of the glass is acidic and can still cause damage. Don’t wait—schedule your gas fireplace maintenance now and enjoy peace of mind all year round!

Here is an example task list of what we do when servicing a gas fireplace. Tasks vary slightly depending on the specific fireplace and the findings as the technician progresses through the service.

Pacific Fireplace Maintenance Report Checklist

First Time Visit tasks (For the first time Pacific Fireplaces has serviced the unit):

  • The technician will take a before photo of the fireplace
  • Check gas Inlet & Manifold pressures
  • Visually assess installation & venting and record relevant details
  • Record model & Serial number of appliance to check for safety recalls
  • Add QR Code for easy historical record keeping & appliance service reports.

 General Service Tasks (All service calls):

  • Check internal notes on appliance for any relevant reminders or details from previously visit(s)
  • Clean Glass with appropriate gas fireplace glass cleaner
  • Visually assess internal components including sensors, gaskets, burner, combustion chamber, logs & log placement, safety relief mechanism
  • Non-invasive Cleaning & inspection of pilot light. Technician will discuss with client if additional / more thorough pilot service is required.
  • Photo of pilot light for operational reference
  • Draft test if appropriate
  • Gas sniff test using appropriate calibrated electronic leak detector
  • Carbon Monoxide spillage test using appropriate, calibrated carbon monoxide detector
  • General Cleaning, vacuuming of combustion chamber if required, adjusting embers & maximizing visual impact of fireplace as allowed per manufacturer’s instructions for specific appliance
  • The technician will diagnose any issues or problems brought up by the client or discovered during inspection so that we can arrange the appropriate repairs.
  • Discussion of state of fireplace with client, discussion of appropriate safety considerations including carbon monoxide detection, auxiliary controls and answering any questions or concerns client may have regarding appliance or the specific service provided