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Welcome to Pacific Fireplaces – Heating & Cooling. We are the leading provider of wood stoves in Victoria and the surrounding areas. Established in 1999, Pacific Fireplaces is a second-generation family business with a rich legacy in the fireplace industry.

We started as the first company to deal exclusively with Dimplex Electric Fireplaces. Our journey began with a commitment to quality and excellence. Over time, we have added local wood and gas fireplaces branded as Enviro Fireplaces.

In 2008, our technical expertise grew when Chad, the son of Don and Bonnie, joined our team. With Chad and his wife Vivien now in ownership positions, we continue to introduce new product lines while upholding our tradition of delivering the best service and products.

Pacific Fireplaces is proud to offer the highest quality products and services. Contact us – where comfort, quality, and service intersect.

What Are Wood Stoves? How Do They Work?

A wood stove is a combustion appliance designed to burn wood efficiently for heating and ambiance in homes or businesses. Most stoves include a firebox to house the wood and a chimney to carry away smoke and combustion by-products.

These units burn wood to provide efficient warmth and an ambient feeling. They include a firebox for the fuel wood and a chimney to vent the resulting smoke. Air is added to the firebox to create a flame that acts on the wood to produce heat. Their efficiency and low emissions make wood stoves an eco-friendly and cost-effective heating option.

Why You Should Consider Wood Stoves

There are numerous compelling reasons to invest in a wood unit for your home or business in Victoria:

  • Energy efficiency: Wood stoves are highly efficient heating appliances, converting much of the wood’s energy into heat. This efficiency can help reduce energy expenses and reliance on fossil fuels for heating.
  • Ambiance and comfort: Nothing beats the cozy atmosphere of a wood fire on a cold winter’s day. The radiant heat from the fire creates an inviting environment, perfect for relaxing with family and friends, and the addition of a fan can help to spread that heat throughout the home.
  • Reliability: Wood heating units offer reliable warmth, even during power outages. With a regular supply of firewood, you can stay warm and cozy regardless of external conditions.
  • Environmental benefits: Wood is a renewable and sustainable fuel source, making these units an environmentally friendly heating choice. Modern appliances emit dramatically less carbon than older appliances, leading to less particulates, cleaner emissions, and more economical wood usage.
  • Independence: Heating your home with a wood stove reduces your reliance on external energy sources, giving you more autonomy and control over your heating needs.

Overall, these heating units provide a practical, efficient, and environmentally conscious heating solution for homes and businesses in Victoria. To learn more about these units in Victoria and surrounding areas, please reach out to us.

Wood-Burning Stove Benefits

Wood-burning stoves provide several benefits for homeowners and businesses in Victoria:

  • Efficient heating: Wood stoves provide efficient and consistent warmth, quickly and effectively heating your space.
  • Cost-effective: Heating with wood is often more cost-effective than using electricity, gas, or oil, resulting in potential savings on energy bills.
  • Environmental sustainability: Wood is a renewable and sustainable fuel source, making wood stoves an environmentally friendly heating choice.
  • Reliable backup heat: Wood stoves provide reliable backup heat in case of a power outage or heating system failure, ensuring comfort and safety.
  • Ambiance and comfort: Wood stoves create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for enjoying time with family and friends.

By choosing a wood-burning stove from Pacific Fireplaces, you can enjoy these advantages and more, enhancing the warmth and comfort of your home or business in Victoria.

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