Gas Fireplaces

Gas and propane fireplaces are an amazing way to add ambiance, inexpensive heat, and backup heat all available at the flick of a switch or the click of a remote. The first step is deciding what style of fireplace will suit your specific need, so keep reading to understand the different categories of gas fireplaces available:

Built-in Gas Fireplaces

Built in gas fireplaces are available in endless shapes and sizes, including both modern and traditional styles. These units are framed into walls and are installed either during the construction of a house, or during a “mini renovation” when we remove an existing fireplace or fir out an unused wall to accommodate a new fireplace. These fireplaces are generally tiled or stoned in and once they are installed they cannot be removed without damaging the finishing. These fireplaces can be sized for heat output volumes anywhere from 500 sq.ft. up to 2,000 sq.ft. and beyond.

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Gas Fireplace Insert

Gas Inserts are designed to be placed inside of pre-existing wood burning fireplaces. The new venting runs up the old wood fireplace chimney using it as a chute for the two pipes which will serve the gas insert. This style of gas fireplace is a great way to seal up the old inefficient masonry fireplace while simultaneously adding an efficient and powerful source of heat to the space. Even when the fireplace is not being used, it helps to remove drafts coming from the old fireplace. 

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Freestanding Gas Stove

This style of gas fireplace known as “Stoves” or “Freestanding Fireplaces” are often one of the easiest options to an already finished home. They are often used in locations which used to contain a wood stove or alongside an exterior wall so they can be easily vented by cutting one hole in the wall.

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