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Electric Fireplaces


Electric fireplaces are still fairly new to the hearth world, but they can be a great option to fill some of the gaps in what wood and gas can do. For example, they are great for bedrooms since most people prefer a cool bedroom. Forget that magazine photo of a romantic cuddle in the bedroom by the gas fireplace; the majority of gas and wood fireplaces we see in bedrooms are never used – who wants to sleep in a sauna?

Since the flame of an electric fireplace does not heat, you can have a fire with or without the heat. If you are a little chilly, just set a low target temperature with the remote – the fireplace will take the chill off without overheating the space. 

Townhouses & Condos

Electric fireplaces also work very well in townhouses and condos. Installing gas fireplaces in some strata situations can be expensive or impossible, so electric units are a beautiful and cost-effective solution. Since less heat is needed because of smaller spaces and the benefit of being heated by your neighbours, they do a great job of heating the area and also have a much smaller footprint, so they take up a lot less space.

These fireplaces generally do not have clearance requirements or require venting so they can offer a lot more flexibility for installation options. In some situations, the flexibility electric fireplaces offer for installation can allow you to have a fireplace where it would otherwise not be possible.

Are Electric Fireplaces Expensive?

A common misconception is that electric fireplaces are expensive to run. Running just the flame costs only pennies an hour on most models, and people can often use electric fireplaces in main areas for significant electricity savings by turning off other expensive types of heating, such as electric baseboards and oil heat. Brick wood fireplaces usually have an overall heat loss, so sealing one up with an electric fireplace can also result in significant savings on your heating bill without even turning the electric fireplace on! The upfront cost & installation is also typically less than half a wood or gas fireplace.

Come down to our showroom to discuss your specific situation. We have many styles of electric units on display and would be more than happy to discuss the pros and cons of electric fireplaces compared to gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces or any other heating appliances.

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